Value Attached To Finding And Preserving Evidence

No injury lawyer in Mundelein could win a personal injury case in the absence of any evidence. Each piece of evidence helps to facilitate the completion of a puzzle.

Sources of evidence

Objects found at the scene of the incident
Clothing that was worn at the time of the incident
Witness statements
–Witnesses that saw what took place
–Witnesses that heard something of value
Testimony from an expert
Possible laboratory findings
Safety records, such as the findings from an inspection

How to ensure the quality of evidence?

Supplement pictures taken with a Smartphone by using pictures that were taken with a traditional camera. Never consider using a Polaroid photograph as a piece of evidence. Take photographs from multiple angles and try to find video footage.

Be sure to have the appropriate date on the back of every photograph. Pictures taken with a Smartphone should be time stamped. Those taken with a traditional camera should receive a date on the back of the developed photograph. The photo shop should provide that service.

Store pieces of clothing that could count as evidentiary material. If you have been the victim of a slip and fall incident, then you should keep the shoes that you were wearing in a special box. That way, their appearance should resemble their appearance on the day of the incident.

Do not misplace an important accessory. If your dog bit someone while being under the care of a dog walker, you should save the leash that was used at the time of the incident. Maybe you will need to compare that leash to the one that you normally use.

How to seek evidence

Consider placing an ad in a newspaper; provide readers with a contact number. Post a notice online; explain the reason for the request. If you have been the victim of hit-and-run incident, then you might want to think about starting a website. Your website could contain facts about the vehicle that hit you. You could invite others to offer more information.

If you have not been compensated for your injuries, then you might want to convert your website into a money-making proposition. Consider offering information on a product that can work to prevent more such incidents. Today, there are some companies that sell fluorescent vests and fluorescent gloves. Invite such a company to run some ads on your website. You could make money while helping others.

Keep a pen and paper handy at home; have it close to your telephone. Consider taking pencil and paper with you when traveling, if you have a cell phone. That way, you can record any facts that you get from someone that has witnessed the incident for which you seek information.