Public Transit Accident Lawyer in Mundelein, Elmhurst and Chicago Heights

The Makarone Law Firm understands that the public transit systems that serve the cities of Mundelein, Elmhurst and Chicago Heights certainly have their benefits for their passengers. Used by millions of Chicago area residents every year, the different public transit venues get individuals to and from schools, shopping, and their jobs. While there are numerous reasons for riding the city buses, there is an aspect of this that is highly concerning – public transit accidents and the injuries that passengers suffer as a result.

We handle a wide Range of Public Transit Accidents

Recent statistics show that there is one public transit accident every 36 hours in the greater Chicago area. As one of the Midwest’s premier personal injury law firms, our lawyers have experience handling a wide range of public transit accident including:

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  • Charter and tour bus accidents
  • Interstate passenger bus accidents
  • Local public transit accidents
  • School bus accidents
  • Shuttle bus accidents
  • Sight-seeing bus accidents

We also litigate cases involving bus riders injured in collisions with other types of motor vehicles as well as motorists and their passengers that suffer injuries collisions with buses. In any event, the personal injury lawyers in Mundelein ,Elmhurst and Chicago Heights of the Makarone Law Firm are here to explain your legal options, if you or a loved one suffers injury in a public transit accident.

Determining responsibility in a Public Transit Accident Case

Due to the speed and weight of public transit vehicles as well as their inability to stop quickly, public transit accidents can cause significantly more physical harm to those individuals that ride them when compared to passengers in other motor vehicles. In addition to this, public transit venues carry more passengers than other vehicles and are not equipped with safety measures such as airbags and seat belts. As a result, the Makarone Law Firm personal injury lawyers in Mundelein ,Elmhurst and Chicago Heights typically see more serious injuries and even fatalities.

Public transit companies as well as local and state government agencies that provide these services have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of the people that ride them. So whenever individuals are injured in a public transit accident, they have the right to seek damages for their injuries as well as their pain and suffering. Filing a personal injury claim or personal injury lawsuit could mean getting significant compensation for the harm that has been done to you.

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