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If you’ve suffered injury or lost a loved from using a defective product, the personal injury lawyers at the Makarone Law Firm are here to help you get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. We constantly here or read about recalls in a broad range of consumer products such as automotive equipment, children’s toys, foods, household products, prescription medications, toxic chemicals, and so on. If you live in Mundelein ,Elmhurst and Chicago Heights, and believe you were injured because you used a defective product, call us as soon as possible.

Defective Products – the Basis for Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims and lawsuits in Mundelein ,Elmhurst and Chicago Heights typically arise when someone gets injured by using a defective product. A defective product is one in which a component or its safety have been compromised and could cause an injury. When a product is dangerous despite being used as intended, or unsafe for other foreseeable uses, people can get seriously or fatally injured. Unfortunately, no industry is immune to the creation, distribution, or sale of defective products. Mistakes happen and that is what leads to accidental injuries due to a defective product.

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The bottom line is that defective product injuries can be and should be prevented. So when a designer, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer prioritizes their profits over the safety and well-being of consumers, serious or catastrophic injuries commonly occur. The Makarone Law Firm personal injury lawyers are all too familiar with defective product injuries and product liability claims in Mundelein ,Elmhurst and Chicago Heights. When companies fail in their ethical and legal obligations to the safety of the consumer, we step in to ensure that they pay for their wrongdoings.

The Elements of a Product Liability Claim and Lawsuit

Our personal injury lawyers are highly knowledgeable when it comes to Illinois product liability laws and have trial-tested experience in defective product injuries and product liability claims. There are 4 elements that you must prove in such a case if you want to win and get compensated for your injuries:

  • You suffered injury and/or losses.
  • The product you were using was defective.
  • The product defect caused you to suffer physical injury.
  • You used the product according to the directions or instructions.

Product liability claims usually fall into one of three categories: 1) defective design, 2) defective manufacture, or 3) failure to provide or a lack of sufficient instructions or warnings about the correct usage of the product. For additional information, contact the Makarone Law Firm and speak with a personal injury lawyer in Mundelein ,Elmhurst and Chicago Heights today.