Personal Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Mundelein, Elmhurst and Chicago Heights

Getting injured in a motor vehicle accident can turn your world upside down and leave you with lots of questions about your future especially if you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury or were permanently disabled. Sadly, there are nearly 1,000 fatalities on Illinois roadways every year, some of which happen in cities like Mundelein, Elmhurst and Chicago Heights. At the Makarone Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers are all too familiar with the way that serious motor vehicle accidents can devastate families.

We have decades of experience and expertise litigating for individuals who’ve suffered serious injury in traffic collisions throughout the greater Chicago area. While some have walked away with only a few bumps and bruises, others were not as fortunate and loved ones perished. As one of the Midwest’s premier personal injury law firms, we treat our clients with compassion, dignity, and respect, just like we would any family member. We know that each case is unique as are the clients we represent. And that is why we pool in all our resources to help you get the justified amount as compensation.

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When Negligence is a Factor

The legal theory of Negligence is the basis for numerous motor vehicle accidents and personal injury lawsuits in Mundelein ,Elmhurst and Chicago Heights. When someone is negligent, it refers to how their careless, reckless, or thoughtless behavior caused harm or injury to another individual (or more than one individual). A motorist is negligent if he or she does something they shouldn’t have done or if they fail to do something they should’ve done. Remember, every time a person gets behind the wheel of their vehicle, they are responsible for the safety and well-being of every other motorist they’re sharing the road with.

The 4 Elements of Negligence

As the basis for many motor vehicle accident and personal injury lawsuits, negligence is a common component of many cases that the Makarone Law Firm personal injury lawyers have had experience with in the past. When a person drives carelessly or recklessly and another person gets injured as a result, they are liable for the injuries they’ve caused the other person or persons. In order to prove that the other party was negligent, you must show that the following 4 elements are present:

  • The law required that the at-fault party be careful when operating a motor vehicle
  • The at-fault party wasn’t careful
  • The actions or behavior of the at-fault party caused your injuries
  • You were injured and suffered losses as a result

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