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When you or a loved one have been injured because of another person’s careless, intentional, or negligent actions, the recovery period can be overwhelming. There’s the emotional and physical pain, the inability to drive and go to work, the income you’re losing because you’re not working, the phone calls from the insurance company never stop, property damage that needs to be taken care of. The stress is ongoing. At the Makarone Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers in in Mundelein Elmhurst and Chicago Heights understand what you’re going through.

Insurers are prepared for these accident-injury scenarios and have completely different goals than helping you through the financial aspects of your recovery. Our 1st Rule of Thumb? Always remember, the insurance companies are not your friend and will make promises to you that they cannot deliver on. That’s when our personal injury lawyers will always be there to enter the fray and get you the compensation you deserve. We will also ensure that your rights will be protected throughout the legal process.

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As your legal representatives, the end goal of the Makarone Law Firm personal injury lawyers is to seize the control over your recovery from the insurance companies and give it back to you. No hassles. No stress. No worries. We constantly strive to give the client the peace of mind they need during this difficult time in their lives. Unfortunately, we can’t change what happened to you, but we can shoulder that burden for you so you can focus on what’s most important – YOU!

We’ll deal with your healthcare insurance company and the medical professionals you need during your recovery. We’ll see that your vehicle is fixed, repaired, or replaced if it was damaged or totaled in a motor vehicle accident. We’ll also get you the immediate financial assistance needed to compensate you for your lost income because you’re unable to work and earn a living. When you contact our office, you’ve just taken the right step towards peace of mind.

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Let Us deal with the Insurance Company and their Lawyers

In as much as we cannot change the harm that was done to you, we can’t change the fact that the insurance companies are motivated to protect their profits – NOT YOU! However, we can protect you so that they cannot take advantage of you or try to intimidate you into accepting a settlement offer that is anything but acceptable. We are the personal injury lawsuit experts and we know the insurance laws that they always try to bend. Most importantly, we are wise to their tactics.

Since establishing our practice, the Makarone Law Firm personal injury lawyers have helped dozens of accident victims living in Mundelein Elmhurst and Chicago Heights and other cities throughout the greater Chicago area – and we’re very good at what we do. When the situation arises, our experienced litigators are always prepared to negotiate the best settlement possible for your case. However, if the insurance company wants to play hardball and not settle, we’re content with presenting your case in front of a jury.

As some of the most competent and successful personal injury rights advocates in the Midwest, we will fight to get you the compensation that you deserve. To ensure that your rights will be protected throughout the legal process, call the Makarone Law Firm and speak with a personal injury lawyer in in Mundelein Elmhurst and Chicago Heights today.